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Masini, Beatrice: "Tradurre Harry Potter." In: LG Argomenti 38:2 (2002 16-19. Wolfbauer, Irmtraud Maria: Constructions of Good and Evil. Christensen, Paula: "Harry Potter, Edgar Allen Poe, and The Internet." In: Technology and Teacher Education Annual 6 (2006. Alim Ot-Senre, Zeugirdor: Harry Potter, el mundo mágico explicado a los padres. Craig, Jeffrey./Dow, Renee/Aitken, MaryAnne: "Harry Potter and the recessive allele." In: Nature 436 (11 Aug. Rowling's Harry Potter books. Nijmegen: Valkhof Pers, 2003 (Publiekslezingen Theologische Faculteit

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Tilburg 4). McCauley, Patrick: Into the Pensieve: The Philosophy and Mythology of Harry Potter.

senior sex dating websites tampere

Smith, Kelli Jean/Ferris, Sharmila Pixy: "Social Penetration Theory and Relationship Forming in Harry Potter." In: Kathleen Glenister Roberts (ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004, 168-188. Partyka, Szymon Voldemort - więcej niż czarnoksiężnik? Ritter, Hermann: "Geschichte und Magie bei Harry Potter." In: Inklings. Farrahi Avval, Sahar in progress : Article on "Explicitation and its usage in the Persian translation of Harry Potter ". Guglielmoni, Luigi/Negri, Fausto: La forza della vita. 164-171) Chilewska, Anne: "Species: 'An owl or a cat or a toad.' Animals as Substitutions in the Wizarding World." O'Brien, Grainne: "Sexuality: 'You'll never know love or friendship, and I feel sorry for you.' Voldemort as a Queer Child." Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Justyna: "The Internet: 'Differences.

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Zur kirchlichen Rezeption von Joanne. Willson-Metzger, Alicia/Metzger, David: "But Is He Really Smart? Växjö 2005 (Unpublished paper Sketch for a doctoral dissertation, Växjö universitet, Institutionen för Humaniora/Litteraturvetenskap, Sweden). Nåmdal, Torunn: Children's literature and the child reader: A study of the ideology at work in children's fiction andits possible influence on child readers, with particular reference to texts by Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl and.K. Perry, Phyllis Jean: Teaching the Fantasy Novel: From The Hobbit to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Meder, Theo: "Harry Potter en de sagenrevival. Friedrichs: Law in our lives: an introduction. Årbog for børne- og ungdomslitteratur 19 (2004 235-246. Oder: Was Theologie und Religionspädagogik von den populären Erzählphänomenen der Gegenwart lernen können." Leonhard, Silke: "Hogwärts sehen und Harry Potter begegnen. Das Kind im Leser.

senior sex dating websites tampere